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In The Studio With Bear In Heaven

Bear In Heaven have one of the most original sounds and although they’d been around for a little minute before it’s release, 2009′s “Beast Rest Forth Mouth” took a lot of people by surprise. We’re big fans ourselves and had the pleasure of doing a remix of a track off that record. The other day while walking the halls of our rehearsal space we ran into Adam Willis and got to talking. Seems that after a year of touring they’ve been in the space for a few weeks starting work on a follow up. The band sent us these snapshots from tour and answered a few questions about how recording is going.

THITH: How long have you been making the new record?

Jon Philpot: We started 5 weeks ago. We played a show an incredible show in Mexico City, came home and got busy. Hopefully we’ll be finished by October or November.

THITH: You’re doing it on your own, were you at all tempted to go for a ‘big name producer’ follow up record?

JP: We want to work with somebody, but financially it makes sense to have some solid/almost done songs before we step into a studio. So, there may be a big name producer in our future. We just need to find them, where are you big name producer?

THITH: What’s the process for writing and recording?

JP: Usually we jam or I make synth sound or a friend sends some lyrics or I write some lyrics. After one of those things happens, we have a seed. We plant it in the computer, grow it, eat it, poop it out, the poop fertilizes the ground, then something grows that we never planted.

THITH: And do you think of it as a whole or as individual tracks?

JP: We have an idea of what we want the record to be and we focus on Individual tracks. We make small objectives and enjoy tiny victories every week.

THITH: Are there things you feel you can do now that are maybe different from things you’ve tried before?

JP: Record for more than one long night in a real studio. For the next few months we have our own rehearsal room. We can record or play whenever we want! Compared to our shared space, it’s a luxury.

THITH: Do you think playing as many shows and touring as much as you have since the first LP has affected your writing process?

JP: Sort of… We’re more aware of what works live, but we write music in the same dysfunctional way we always have.

THITH: What kind of gear are you using?

JP: Ableton live 8 (it’s amazing), Max/MSP, Pro Tools, Virus TI, Prophet – 600, Crumar Orchestrator, Lots of pedals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Tamborine, Cables, Peanut Butter, Apples, Water, Bananas, Yogurt, Tequila, Mezcal, Beer and Tacos.

THITH: What was influencing you or on your mind as you started to think about this LP?

JP:Motown, Valentin Silvestrov and Richard Pinhas

THITH: What new new bands have you seen lately that we should know about?

JP: Helado Negro. His new record Canta Lechuza is soooo goooood! Lyonnais played the other night, they’re rad.

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