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Rules The Waves! Moving to the UK for the summer!

After this US tour, we’re going to shift to London while we play a bunch of festivals. We’ll be gone all of July & August. Out of the Brooklyn humidity!
The Warp folks were asking us what we thought about it all, you know, Britan as such and we said…

Jason “We both grew up with anglophile dads well steeped in British music. Beatles in the crib, wot wot. Mine subscribed to Q and in those pre-Nirvana ‘Nevermind’ days, UK mags were about the only place you could find out about the good bands. Bands like the Smiths were not making it on national television in America while, ‘our’ bands like Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. were all but invisible. First place I used to go when I walked in a record shop was the NME and The Face to start flipping through reading reviews before heading over to the ‘Alternative/Import’ section. I can still remember clearly staring at picture in Melody Maker of kids in ridiculously baggy jeans and floppy hats milling outside a Happy Mondays show and thinking it was about the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Manchester, so much to answer for. Seriously, I still get psyched when we end up in some of these places. And the first time I got reviewed in Q and NME, it was a real milestone.”

Eleanore “Last fall, we came over to work on the LP with Richard X for two weeks. He took us around to some of his DJ nights and we were really excited to be seeing a bit more of London than we usually do on tour. It was awesome to just walk around go to the Tate Modern and be able to hangout in these shops like Rough Trade and Pure Groove. England just seems to get so much more excited about music than they do in the states. And what Jason’s talking about really hasn’t changed too much, it seems like we almost always have one eye clued toward the UK. Habitual Guardian readers. The fact that we’re going to be over and playing these festivals with some of our favorite bands and getting a chance to get out of London and see even more is amazing.”

Jason “And then there’s the Roast. We’re coming over for about 9 weeks in July/August, which means at least 9 Sunday Roasts. Seriously. This is a big deal to us. It might be the single greatest cultural achievement the British have given the world.”

Here some of our favorite all time British bands and a playlist of 101 bands from Ingerland, Ireland & Scotland!

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2 Responses to “Rules The Waves! Moving to the UK for the summer!”

  1. Fab says:

    I’m not surprised I feel I’m home when listen to your records.

    I hope I see you playing some day.



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